Alabama Grade 6 Earth and Space Science (CoS) Practice

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Earth's Place in the Universe 33%
Earth's Systems 34%
Earth and Human Activity 33%
  • Questions 895
  • Vocabulary Terms 209
  • Performance Tasks 123
  • Instructional Videos 46

Test Standards

Earth's Place in the Universe
1. (ESS-6-1)  Celestial Patterns on Earth
2. (ESS-6-2)  Gravity and Celestial Bodies
3. (ESS-6-3)  Solar System
Earth's Systems
1. (ESS-6-4)  Earth's Historical Events
2. (ESS-6-5)  Geologic Processes Shape Earth
3. (ESS-6-6)  Plate Tectonics
4. (ESS-6-7)  Biogeochemical Cycles
5. (ESS-6-8)  Rock Cycle with labels
6. (ESS-6-9)  Geothermal Energy
7. (ESS-6-10)  Resources and Geoscience Processes
8. (ESS-6-11)  Earth's Magnetic Field
9. (ESS-6-12)  Weather
10. (ESS-6-13)  Circulation Patterns and Convection
11. (ESS-6-14)  Human Activities and Earth's Atmosphere
Earth and Human Activity
1. (ESS-6-15)  Earth's Resources and Human Population
2. (ESS-6-16)  Human Impact on Environment