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7th Grade Life Science (CoS) Practice

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  • Questions 1,295
  • Vocabulary Terms 182
  • Performance Tasks 102
  • Instructional Videos 51

Test Standards

  1. (LS-7-1) Cell Theory
  2. (LS-7-2) Compare Prokaryotic and Eukaryotic Cells
  3. (LS-7-3) Organelle Function
  4. (LS-7-4) Model Organ Systems
  1. (LS-7-5) Cycling of Matter and Flow of Energy
  2. (LS-7-6) Resource Availability and Organisms
  3. (LS-7-7) Evidence of Change in Ecosystems
  4. (LS-7-8) Relationships Among Organisms
  5. (LS-7-9) Maintain Biodiversity
  6. (LS-7-10) Behaviors and Successful Reproduction
  7. (LS-7-11) Environmental Conditions and Growth
  1. (LS-7-12) Model Inheritance of Traits
  2. (LS-7-13) Effects of Genetic Mutations
  3. (LS-7-14) Biotechnology and Desired Traits
  1. (LS-7-15) Analyze Patterns of Change
  2. (LS-7-16) Compare Anatomy Past and Present
  3. (LS-7-17) Compare Embryological Development
  4. (LS-7-18) Natural Selection and Inheritance of Traits

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