Alabama Economics (CoS) Practice

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Economics Fundamentals11%
Economic Systems31%
Business and Production33%
The Government's Role25%
  • Questions: 1,041
  • Two-Part Items: 34
  • Vocabulary Terms: 179
  • Performance Tasks: 73
  • Instructional Videos: 54

Test Standards

Economics Fundamentals
1. (E.1)  Productive Resources
2. (E.2)  Rational Decision Making
Economic Systems
1. (E.3)  Economic Systems
2. (E.4)  A Market Economy
3. (E.5)  Standard Of Living
4. (E.6)  Specialization & Voluntary Exchange
Business and Production
1. (E.7)  Business Organizations
2. (E.8)  The Labor Market
3. (E.9)  Measuring The Economy
The Government's Role
1. (E.10)  The Federal Reserve System
2. (E.11)  Fiscal Policy
3. (E.12)  The Global Economy


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