Alabama Grade 8 Physical Science (CoS) Practice

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Matter and its Interactions25%
Motion and Stability: Forces and Interactions25%
Waves and Their Applications in Technologies for Information Transfer25%
  • Questions: 746
  • Two-Part Items: 22
  • Vocabulary Terms: 145
  • Performance Tasks: 101
  • Instructional Videos: 54

Test Standards

Matter and its Interactions
1. (PS-8-1)  Atoms And Molecules
2. (PS-8-2)  Pure Substances
3. (PS-8-3)  Compounds, Mixtures, Solutions
4. (PS-8-4)  Molecular Motion And Temperature
5. (PS-8-5)  Evidence Of A Chemical Reaction
6. (PS-8-6)  Conservation Of Mass
7. (PS-8-7)  Thermal Energy And Chemical Reactions
Motion and Stability: Forces and Interactions
1. (PS-8-8)  Newton's First Law
2. (PS-8-9)  Newton's Second Law
3. (PS-8-10)  Newton's Third Law
4. (PS-8-11)  Electric And Magnetic Forces
5. (PS-8-12)  Force Fields
1. (PS-8-13)  Kinetic Energy
2. (PS-8-14)  Potential Energy
3. (PS-8-15)  Thermodynamics
4. (PS-8-16)  Conservation Of Energy
Waves and Their Applications in Technologies for Information Transfer
1. (PS-8-17)  Relationships Between Wave Properties
2. (PS-8-18)  Light And Sound Waves
3. (PS-8-19)  Communication And Waves