Alabama Physical Science (CoS) Practice

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PS.1.Periodic Table9%
PS.3.Ionic and Covalent Bonds9%
PS.4.Chemical Equations9%
PS.5.Chemical Reactions and Energy9%
PS.7.Newton's Laws10%
PS.8.Energy Transformations and Conservation9%
PS.9.Mechanical and Electromagnetic Waves9%
PS.10.Electricity and Magnetism9%
PS.11.Nuclear Energy and Radioactivity9%
  • Questions: 775
  • Technology Enhanced Items: 93
  • Instructional Videos: 47
  • Vocabulary Terms: 157

Test Standards

PS.1.Periodic Table
1. (PS.1.1.)  Patterns Of Properties
2. (PS.1.2.)  Organization Of Periodic Table
1. (PS.2.1)  Concentration And Solubility
2. (PS.2.2)  Solvent And Solute
3. (PS.2.3)  Saturation
PS.3.Ionic and Covalent Bonds
1. (PS.3.1.)  Valence Electrons
2. (PS.3.2.)  Formation Of Bonds
3. (PS.3.3.)  Bond Types
PS.4.Chemical Equations
1. (PS.4.1)  Oxidation Number
2. (PS.4.2)  Element Symbols
3. (PS.4.3)  Coefficients And Subscripts
4. (PS.4.4)  Balanced Or Unbalanced
5. (PS.4.5)  Write Chemical Formula
PS.5.Chemical Reactions and Energy
1. (PS.5.1)  Endothermic And Exothermic
2. (PS.5.2)  Physical And Chemical Changes
3. (PS.5.3)  Phase Changes
1. (PS.6.1)  Nuclear Forces
2. (PS.6.2)  Electromagnetic Force
3. (PS.6.3)  Gravitational Force
PS.7.Newton's Laws
1. (PS.7.1)  Velocity Formula
2. (PS.7.2)  Newton's Second Law
3. (PS.7.3)  Kinetic Energy Formula
PS.8.Energy Transformations and Conservation
1. (PS.8.1)  Conservation Of Energy
2. (PS.8.2)  Conservation And Transformation
3. (PS.8.3)  Potential And Kinetic
PS.9.Mechanical and Electromagnetic Waves
1. (PS.9.1)  Define Waves
2. (PS.9.2)  Wave Characteristics
3. (PS.9.3)  Classify Waves
PS.10.Electricity and Magnetism
1. (PS.10.1)  Magnetic Field Illustration
2. (PS.10.2)  Charges Cause Magnetic Fields
3. (PS.10.3)  Fields Create Currents
PS.11.Nuclear Energy and Radioactivity
1. (PS.11.1)  Define Isotope
2. (PS.11.2)  Element Stability