Alabama United States Government Practice

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Foundations of Government10%
Features and Structures20%
Voting, Elections, and Parties32%
Branches of Government33%
Citizens and Policy5%
  • Questions: 722
  • Two-Part Items: 13
  • Vocabulary Terms: 230
  • Performance Tasks: 50
  • Instructional Videos: 84

Test Standards

Foundations of Government
1. (USG.1)  Philosophical Origins
2. (USG.2)  Early Documents
Features and Structures
1. (USG.3)  Features Of The Constitution
2. (USG.4)  Federalism
3. (USG.5)  Local And State Governments
Voting, Elections, and Parties
1. (USG.6)  Expanding Suffrage
2. (USG.7)  Elections
3. (USG.8)  Interest Groups
4. (USG.9)  The Media
5. (USG.10)  Political Parties
Branches of Government
1. (USG.11)  The Legislative Branch
2. (USG.12)  The Executive Branch
3. (USG.13)  The Judicial Branch
Citizens and Policy
1. (USG.14)  Role Of Citizens
2. (USG.15)  Domestic And Foreign Policy