AP Calculus AB Practice Test

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Functions, Graphs, and Limits33%
  • Questions: 1,098
  • Technology Enhanced Items: 47
  • Instructional Videos: 48
  • Vocabulary Terms: 108

Test Standards

Functions, Graphs, and Limits
1. (CLCAB.1)  Transform Graphs
2. (CLCAB.2)  Trigonometric Graphs
3. (CLCAB.3)  Graph Features
4. (CLCAB.4)  Limiting Process
5. (CLCAB.5)  Calculate Limits
6. (CLCAB.6)  Estimate Limits
7. (CLCAB.7)  Limits Involving Infinity
8. (CLCAB.8)  Function Growth
9. (CLCAB.9)  Continuity Basics
10. (CLCAB.10)  Continuity Defined
11. (CLCAB.11)  Intermediate Value Theorem
12. (CLCAB.12)  Extreme Value Theorem
1. (CLCAB.13)  Curve Slope At A Point
2. (CLCAB.14)  Tangent Line At A Point
3. (CLCAB.15)  Instantaneous Rate Of Change
4. (CLCAB.16)  Approximate Rate Of Change
5. (CLCAB.17)  Derivative Defined
6. (CLCAB.18)  Differentiability And Continuity
7. (CLCAB.18a)  Differentiation Techniques
8. (CLCAB.19)  Mean Value Theorem
9. (CLCAB.20)  Equations Involving Derivatives
10. (CLCAB.20a)  Graph Features
11. (CLCAB.21)  Graphs Of F, F', And F''
12. (CLCAB.22)  Absolute And Relative Extrema
13. (CLCAB.22a)  Optimization
14. (CLCAB.23)  Related Rates
15. (CLCAB.24)  Implicit Differentiation
16. (CLCAB.25)  Velocity, Speed, Acceleration
17. (CLCAB.26)  Slope Fields, Solution Curves
1. (CLCAB.27)  Definite Integral
2. (CLCAB.28)  Total Change Over An Interval
3. (CLCAB.29)  Definite Integral Properties
4. (CLCAB.30)  Numerical Integrals
5. (CLCAB.31)  Areas
6. (CLCAB.32)  Volumes Of Revolution
7. (CLCAB.33)  Average Value
8. (CLCAB.34)  Distance Traveled
9. (CLCAB.35)  Evaluate Integrals
10. (CLCAB.36)  Represent Antiderivatives
11. (CLCAB.37)  Antiderivatives
12. (CLCAB.38)  Initial Conditions
13. (CLCAB.39)  Separable Differential Equations