AP Human Geography Practice Tests

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Geography: Its Nature and Perspectives9%
Population and Migration15%
Cultural Patterns and Processes14%
Political Organization of Space15%
Agriculture, Food Production, and Rural Land Use 16%
Industrialization and Economic Development14%
Cities and Urban Land Use17%
  • Questions: 1,542
  • Two-Part Items: 11
  • Vocabulary Terms: 426
  • Performance Tasks: 79
  • Instructional Videos: 101

Test Standards

Geography: Its Nature and Perspectives
1. (I.A & B)  Geography As A Field Of Inquiry
2. (I.C)  Key Geographical Skills
3. (I.D & E)  Geospatial Technologies
4. (I.F.)  World Regions
Population and Migration
1. (II.A.)  Population And Migration
2. (II.B)  Population Growth & Decline
3. (II.C)  Migration
Cultural Patterns and Processes
1. (III.A)  Concepts Of Culture
2. (III.B)  Cultural Differences And Regional Patterns
3. (III.C)  Cultural Landscapes
Political Organization of Space
1. (IV.A)  Political Organization
2. (IV.B)  Evolution Of Political Patterns
3. (IV.C)  Territorial Arrangements
Agriculture, Food Production, and Rural Land Use
1. (V.A)  Agriculture
2. (V.B)  Agricultural Regions
3. (V.C)  Rural Land Use
4. (V.D)  Contemporary Agriculture
Industrialization and Economic Development
1. (VI.A)  Industrialization
2. (VI.B)  Economic Development
3. (VI.C.1-4)  Impacts Of Industrialization, I
4. (VI.C.5-8)  Impacts Of Industrialization, II
Cities and Urban Land Use
1. (VII.A)  Cities & Land Use
2. (VII.B)  Urban Hierarchies
3. (VII.C)  Internal City Structure
4. (VII.D)  Environmental & Social Space
5. (VII.E)  Urban Issues