AP Macroeconomics Practice Test

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Basic Economic Concepts10%
Measurement of Economic Performance14%
National Income & Price Determination13%
Financial Sector18%
Stabilization Policies25%
Economic Growth7%
Open Economy: International Trade & Finance13%
  • Questions: 806
  • Two-Part Items: 12
  • Vocabulary Terms: 220
  • Performance Tasks: 37
  • Instructional Videos: 41

Test Standards

Basic Economic Concepts
1. (I.A)  Scarcity
2. (I.B)  Production Possibilities Curve
3. (I.C)  Comparative Advantage
4. (I.D)  Supply & Demand
5. (I.E)  Macroeconomic Issues
Measurement of Economic Performance
1. (II.A)  National Income Accounts
2. (II.B)  Inflation Measurement & Adjustment
3. (II.C)  Unemployment
National Income & Price Determination
1. (III.A)  Aggregate Demand
2. (III.B)  Aggregate Supply
3. (III.C)  Macroeconomic Equilibrium
Financial Sector
1. (IV.A.1&2)  Assets & Money
2. (IV.A.3&4)  Money Supply
3. (IV.A.5&6)  Money Demand
4. (IV.B)  Loanable Funds Market
5. (IV.C)  Central Bank & Control Of The Money Supply
Stabilization Policies
1. (V.A)  Fiscal & Monetary Policies
2. (V.B)  The Phillips Curve
Economic Growth
1. (VI.A&B)  Economic Growth
2. (VI.C)  Growth Policy
Open Economy: International Trade & Finance
1. (VII.A)  Balance Of Payments Accounts
2. (VII.B)  Foreign Exchange Market
3. (VII.C)  Imports & Exports
4. (VII.D)  International & Domestic Markets