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AP English Language & Composition Practice

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  • Questions 1,141
  • Vocabulary Terms 99
  • Performance Tasks 120
  • Instructional Videos 53

Test Standards

  1. (AP.ELC.1) Thesis or claim
  2. (AP.ELC.2) Tone or attitude
  3. (AP.ELC.3) Purpose
  4. (AP.ELC.4) Audience and occasion
  5. (AP.ELC.5) Evidence or data
  6. (AP.ELC.6) Logos, ethos, pathos
  7. (AP.ELC.7) Assumptions
  8. (AP.ELC.8) Rhetorical devices
  9. (AP.ELC.9) Figurative language
  10. (AP.ELC.10) Sound devices
  11. (AP.ELC.11) Diction and syntax
  12. (AP.ELC.12) Organizational patterns
  13. (AP.ELC.13) Details
  14. (AP.ELC.14) Word meanings
  1. (AP.ELC.20) Introduce and organize
  2. (AP.ELC.21) Develop and support
  3. (AP.ELC.22) Cohesion and structure
  4. (AP.ELC.23) Concluding Statement
  5. (AP.ELC.24) Select facts, details, etc.
  6. (AP.ELC.25) Language and techniques
  7. (AP.ELC.26) Style and Tone
  8. (AP.ELC.27) Conclusion
  9. (AP.ELC.28) Citations
  10. (AP.ELC.29) Revise