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AP English Literature & Composition Practice

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  • Questions 2,225
  • Vocabulary Terms 274
  • Performance Tasks 260
  • Instructional Videos 132

Test Standards

  1. (1.A) Details
  2. (1.B) Character change
  3. (1.C) Contrasting characters
  4. (1.D) Relationships
  5. (1.E) Complexities
  1. (2.A) Details
  2. (2.B) Setting in a narrative
  3. (2.C) Character and setting
  1. (3.A) Plot and events
  2. (3.B) Event sequence
  3. (3.C) Function
  4. (3.D) Contrasts
  5. (3.E) Significant events
  6. (3.F) Conflict
  1. (4.A) Narrator or speaker
  2. (4.B) Point of view
  3. (4.C) Perspective revealed
  4. (4.D) Reliability
  1. (5.A) Literal and figurative
  2. (5.B) Function
  3. (5.CD) Symbols and imagery
  4. (6.AB) Similes and metaphors
  5. (6.CD) Personification and allusion
  1. (7.A) Claim and evidence
  2. (7.B) Thesis
  3. (7.C) Evidence, reasoning, thesis
  4. (7.D) Evidence
  5. (7.E) Composition elements

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