AP Environmental Science Practice Test

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Earth Systems and Resources 10%
The Living World 10%
Population 10%
Land and Water Use 15%
Energy Resources and Consumption 15%
Pollution 25%
Global Change 15%
  • Questions 2,221
  • Vocabulary Terms 711
  • Performance Tasks 218
  • Instructional Videos 77

Test Standards

Earth Systems and Resources
1. (I.A)  Earth Science Concepts
2. (I.B)  The Atmosphere
3. (I.C)  Global Water Resources and Use
4. (I.D)  Soil and Soil Dynamics
The Living World
1. (II.A)  Ecosystem Structure
2. (II.B)  Energy Flow
3. (II.C)  Ecosystem Diversity
4. (II.D)  Natural Ecosystem Change
5. (II.E)  Natural Biogeochemical Cycles
1. (III.A)  Population Biology Concepts
2. (III.B.1)  Human Population: Human Population Dynamics
3. (III.B.2)  Human Population: Population Size
4. (III.B.3)  Human Population: Impacts of Population Growth
Land and Water Use
1. (IV.A.1)  Agriculture: Feeding a Growing Population
2. (IV.A.2)  Agriculture: Controlling Pests
3. (IV.B)  Forestry
4. (IV.C)  Rangelands
5. (IV.D.1)  Other Land Use: Urban Land Development
6. (IV.D.2)  Other Land use: Transportation Infrastructure
7. (IV.D.3)  Other Land Use: Public and Federal Lands
8. (IV.D.4)  Other Land Use: Land Conservation Options
9. (IV.D.5)  Other Land Use: Sustainable Land-Use Strategies
10. (IV.E)  Mining
11. (IV.F)  Fishing
12. (IV.G)  Global Economics
Energy Resources and Consumption
1. (V.A)  Energy Concepts
2. (V.B.1)  Energy Consumption: History
3. (V.B.2)  Energy Consumption: Present Global Energy Use
4. (V.B.3)  Energy Consumption: Future Energy Needs
5. (V.C)  Fossil Fuel Resources and Use
6. (V.D)  Nuclear Energy
7. (V.E)  Hydroelectric Power
8. (V.F)  Energy Conservation
9. (V.G)  Renewable Energy
1. (VI.A.1)  Pollution Types: Air Pollution
2. (VI.A.2)  Pollution Types: Noise Pollution
3. (VI.A.3)  Pollution Types: Water Pollution
4. (VI.A.4)  Pollution Types: Solid Waste
5. (VI.B.1)  Impacts on the Environment and Human Health: Hazards to Human Health
6. (VI.B.2)  Impacts on the Environment and Human Health: Hazardous Chemicals in the Environment
7. (VI.C)  Economic Impacts
Global Change
1. (VII.A)  Stratospheric Ozone
2. (VII.B)  Global Warming
3. (VII.C.1)  Loss of Biodiversity: Reasons
4. (VII.C.2)  Loss of Biodiversity: Conservation
5. (VII.C.3)  Loss of Biodiversity: Relevant Laws and Treaties