Arkansas Algebra II (ARMS) Practice

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The Real Number System & Quantites6%
The Complex Number System10%
Vector and Matrix Quantities10%
Seeing Structure in Expressions8%
Arithmetic with Polynomials and Rational Expressions10%
Creating Equations6%
Reasoning with Equations and Inequalities17%
Interpreting Functions8%
Building Functions13%
Linear, Quadratic, and Exponential Models3%
Interpreting Categorical and Quantitative Data3%
Making Inferences and Justifying Conclusions6%
  • Questions: 4,385
  • Two-Part Items: 65
  • Vocabulary Terms: 338
  • Performance Tasks: 261
  • Instructional Videos: 179

Test Standards

The Real Number System & Quantites
1. (HSN.RN.A.1)  Rational Exponents
2. (HSN.RN.A.2)  Radicals And Rational Exponents
3. (HSN.RN.B.4)  Radical Expressions
4. (HSN.Q.A.2)  Define Quantities
The Complex Number System
1. (HSN.CN.A.1)  Complex Numbers
2. (HSN.CN.A.2)  Complex Number Arithmetic
3. (HSN.CN.A.3)  Complex Conjugates
4. (HSN.CN.C.7)  Solve Quadratics
5. (HSN.CN.C.8)  Polynomial Identities
6. (HSN.CN.C.9)  Fundamental Theorem
Vector and Matrix Quantities
1. (HSN.VM.C.6)  Use Matrices
2. (HSN.VM.C.7)  Matrices And Scalars
3. (HSN.VM.C.8)  Matrix Operations
4. (HSN.VM.C.9)  Square Matrices
5. (HSN.VM.C.10)  Zero And Identify Matrices
6. (HSN.VM.C.12)  Matrix Transformations
Seeing Structure in Expressions
1. (HSA.SSE.A.1a)  Expression Parts
2. (HSA.SSE.A.1b)  Interpret Expressions
3. (HSA.SSE.A.2)  Rewrite Expressions
4. (HSA.SSE.B.3a)  Factor Quadratic Expression
5. (HSA.SSE.B.3b)  Vertex Form
Arithmetic with Polynomials and Rational Expressions
1. (HSA.APR.A.1)  Polynomial Closure
2. (HSA.APR.B.2)  Remainder Theorem
3. (HSA.APR.B.3)  Zeros
4. (HSA.APR.C.4)  Polynomial Identities
5. (HSA.APR.D.6)  Rational Expressions
6. (HSA.APR.D.7)  Rational Expression Closure
Creating Equations
1. (HSA.CED.A.1)  One Variable Models
2. (HSA.CED.A.2)  Multi-variable Models
3. (HSA.CED.A.3)  Constraints
4. (HSA.CED.A.4)  Rearrange Formulas
Reasoning with Equations and Inequalities
1. (HSA.REI.A.1)  Solve Equations
2. (HSA.REI.A.2)  Rational & Radical Equations
3. (HSA.REI.B.4)  Solve Quadratics
4. (MGSE9‐12.A.REI.5 )  System Of Equations
5. (HSA.REI.C.5)  Solve Systems
6. (HSA.REI.D.11)  Explain Solutions
7. (HSA.REI.D.12)  Graph Solutions
8. (A-REI-6)  Solve Systems Of Linear Equations
9. (A-REI-7)  Nonlinear Systems
10. (A-REI-8)  Represent System Of Linear Equations
11. (A-REI-9)  Inverse Of A Matrix
Interpreting Functions
1. (HSF.IF.A.3)  Define Functions
2. (HSF.IF.B.4)  Interpret Features
3. (HSF.IF.B.6)  Rate Of Change
4. (HSF.IF.C.7)  Graph Linear, Quadratic, Exponential
5. (HSF.IF.C.8)  Exponent Properties
Building Functions
1. (HSF.BF.A.1)  Combine Functions
2. (HSF.BF.A.2)  Write Sequences
3. (HSF.BF.B.3)  Graph Transformations
4. (HSF.BF.B.4a)  Inverse Functions
5. (HSF.BF.B.4b)  Verify Inverse
6. (HSF.BF.B.4c)  Read Values
7. (HSF.BF.B.4d)  Restrict Domain
8. (HSF.IF.B.5)  Domain And Range
Linear, Quadratic, and Exponential Models
1. (HSF.LE.A.2)  Construct Functions
2. (HSF.LE.A.4)  Exponent/logarithm Inverses
Interpreting Categorical and Quantitative Data
1. (HSS.ID.A.4)  Normal Distribution
2. (HSS.ID.B.6)  Fit Function
Making Inferences and Justifying Conclusions
1. (HSS.IC.A.1)  Make Inferences
2. (HSS.IC.A.2)  Compare Probabilities
3. (HSS.IC.B.3)  Surveys, Experiments, Studies
4. (HSS.IC.B.6)  Reports