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5th Grade AR Social Studies Practice

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  • Questions 1,119
  • Vocabulary Terms 304
  • Performance Tasks 95
  • Instructional Videos 91

Test Standards

  1. (C.1.5.1) Foundational Documents
  2. (C.1.5.2) Branches of Government
  3. (C.1.5.3) Systems of Government
  4. (C.1.5.4) Social Institutions
  5. (C.2.5.1&5.4) Citizenship & Civic Values
  6. (C.2.5.2) Flag Etiquette
  7. (C.2.5.3) Citizens & Non-Citizens
  8. (C.3.5.1) Creating Rules & Laws
  9. (C.3.5.2&5.3) Evaluate Rules & Laws
  1. (E.4.5.1) Trade-Offs
  2. (E.4.5.2) Economic Decision-Making
  3. (E.5.5.1) A Diverse Labor Force
  4. (E.5.5.2) Productive Resources
  5. (E.5.5.3) The Free Market Development
  6. (E.6.5.1) Early Currency
  7. (E.6.5.2) Early Financial Institutions
  8. (E.6.5.3) Paying For Government
  9. (E.6.5.4) Economic Stability
  10. (E.6.5.5) Economic Impact of War
  11. (E.7.5.1&2) Economic Interdependence
  1. (G.8.5.1) Locations of Societies
  2. (G.8.5.2) Physical & Human Characteristics
  3. (G.8.5.3) Construct Maps
  4. (G.9.5.1) Human Environmental Impact
  5. (G.9.5.2) Cultural Characteristics
  6. (G.9.5.3) Environmental Influences
  7. (G.10.5.1) Human Settlement & Movement
  8. (G.10.5.2&3) Population Distribution
  9. (G.11.5.1) Environmental Interactions
  10. (G.11.5.2) Disasters
  1. (H.12.5.1&2) Pre-Columbian Societies
  2. (H.12.5.3) European Exploration
  3. (H.12.5.4) Effects of Exploration
  4. (H.12.5.5) Colonial Regions
  5. (H.12.5.6) Forced Labor
  6. (H.12.5.7) Colonial Inquiry
  7. (H.12.5.8&9) Causes of the American Revolution
  8. (H.12.5.10) Revolutionary Figures
  9. (H.12.5.11) The Declaration of Independence
  10. (H.12.5.12) Battles of the Revolution
  11. (H.12.5.13) The Articles of Confederation
  12. (H.12.5.14) Drafting the Constitution
  13. (H.12.5.15) The New Nation
  14. (H.12.5.16) The War of 1812

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