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Financial Literacy (ARAS) Practice

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  • Questions 587
  • Vocabulary Terms 172
  • Performance Tasks 25
  • Instructional Videos 31

Test Standards

  1. (PF.1.EI.1) Careers & Planning
  2. (PF.1.EI.2&3) Applying for a Job
  3. (PF.1.EI.4) Employee Benefits
  4. (PF.1.EI.5) Skills in the Workplace
  5. (PF.2.EI.1) Payment Methods
  6. (PF.2.EI.2) Income Deductions
  7. (PF.2.EI.3) Salary Types
  8. (PF.2.EI.4) Work-Related Forms
  1. (PF.3.CCP.1 ) Potential Careers
  2. (PF.3.CCP.2) Pre-Work Opportunities
  3. (PF.3.CCP.3) Career Paths
  1. (PF.4.C.1) Identity Fraud
  2. (PF.4.C.2) Consumer Protection
  3. (PF.4.C.3&C.4) Renting vs Owning
  4. (PF.4.C.5) Components of Credit
  5. (PF.4.C.6) Bankruptcy
  6. (PF.4.C.7) Loans
  1. (PF.5.MM.1&MM.2) Banking Institutions & Accounts
  2. (PF.5.MM.3) Retirement Accounts
  3. (PF.5.MM.4) Household Budgets
  4. (PF.5.MM.5) Financial Planning
  1. (PF.6.I.1-2) Basics of Insurance
  2. (PF.6.I.3) Auto Insurance
  3. (PF.6.I.4) Health Insurance
  4. (PF.6.I.5) Life Insurance
  5. (PF.6.I.6) Property Insurance
  1. (PF.7.SI.1-3) Interest Rates
  2. (PF.7.SI.4) Risk vs. Return
  3. (PF.7.SI.5&6) Savings
  4. (PF.7.SI.7) Types of Investments
  5. (PF.7.SI.8) Regulations

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