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6th Grade Science (ARAS) Practice

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  • Questions 1,221
  • Vocabulary Terms 200
  • Performance Tasks 116
  • Instructional Videos 62

Test Standards

  1. (6-PS3-3) Thermal Energy Transfer
  2. (6-PS3-4) Average Kinetic Energy and Temperature
  3. (6-PS3-5) Changes in Kinetic Energy
  1. (6-LS1-1) Made of Cells
  2. (6-LS1-2) Organelles
  3. (6-LS1-3) System Interactions
  4. (6-LS1-8 ) Stimulus and Response
  1. (6-LS1-4 ) Probability of Successful Reproduction
  2. (6-LS1-5) Influence on Growth
  3. (6-LS3-2) Asexual and Sexual Reproduction
  1. (6-ESS2-4) Cycling of Water
  1. (6-ESS3-3 ) Human Impact on Environment
  2. (6-ESS3-4 ) Human Population and Natural Resources
  1. (6-ESS2-5 ) Air Masses and Weather Patterns
  2. (6-ESS2-6 ) Regional Climates
  3. (6-ESS3-5) Rise in Global Temperatures
  1. (6-ETS1-1) Criteria and Constraints of a Design Problem
  2. (6-ETS1-2) Evaluate Design Solutions
  3. (6-ETS1-3) Compare/Contrast Design Solutions
  4. (6-ETS1-4) Develop Models to Test Solutions

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