Arkansas English II (ARES) Practice

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Reading Standards for Literature25%
Reading Standards for Informational Text25%
Writing Standards25%
Language Standards25%
Also includes:
  • Speaking & Listening
  • Questions: 6,376
  • Two-Part Items: 38
  • Vocabulary Terms: 300
  • Performance Tasks: 329
  • Instructional Videos: 117

Test Standards

Reading Standards for Literature
1. (RL.9-10.1)  Cite Textual Evidence
2. (RL.9-10.2)  Determine Theme/central Idea
3. (RL.9-10.3)  Complex Characters
4. (RL.9-10.4)  Meaning Of Words/phrases
5. (RL.9-10.5)  Author's Choices
6. (RL.9-10.6)  Point Of View, Perspective
7. (RL.9-10.7)  Adaptations
8. (RL.9-10.9)  Author Draws/transforms Source Material
Reading Standards for Informational Text
1. (RI.9-10.1)  Cite Textual Evidence
2. (RI.9-10.2)  Central Idea
3. (RI.9-10.3)  Analysis Or Series Of Ideas/events
4. (RI.9-10.4)  Meaning Of Words/phrases
5. (RI.9-10.5)  Author's Ideas/claims
6. (RI.9-10.6)  Point Of View/purpose
7. (RI.9-10.7)  Accounts Of A Subject
8. (RI.9-10.8)  Argument And Claims
9. (RI.9-10.9)  Documents Of Historical Significance
Writing Standards
1. (W.9-10.1.A)  Precise Claims
2. (W.9-10.1.B)  Develop Claims/counterclaims
3. (W.9-10.1.C)  Use Words, Phrases, And Clauses
4. (W.9-10.1.D)  Formal Style & Objective Tone
5. (W.9-10.1.E)  Concluding Statement/section
6. (W.9-10.2.A)  Introduce A Topic
7. (W.9-10.2.B)  Develop The Topic
8. (W.9-10.2.C)  Use Transitions
9. (W.9-10.2.D)  Use Precise Language
10. (W.9-10.2.E)  Formal Style/objective Tone
11. (W.9-10.2.F)  Concluding Statement/section
12. (W.9-10.3.A)  Engage/orient The Reader
13. (W.9-10.3.B)  Use Narrative Techniques
14. (W.9-10.3.C)  Sequence Events
15. (W.9-10.3.D)  Use Precise Words/phrases
16. (W.9-10.3.E)  Provide A Conclusion
17. (W.9-10.4)  Produce Clear/coherent Writing
18. (W.9-10.5)  Develop/strengthen Writing
19. (W.9-10.6)  Use Technology
20. (W.9-10.7)  Conduct Research Projects
21. (W.9-10.8)  Gather Relevant Information
Language Standards
1. (L.9-10.1.A)  Parallel Structure
2. (L.9-10.1.B)  Types Of Phrases/clauses
3. (L.9-10.1.C)  Subjunctive Mood
4. (L.9-10.1.D )  Shifts In Voice/mood
5. (L.9-10.1.F)  Modifiers
6. (L.9-10.2.B)  Use A Colon
7. (L.9-10.2.C)  Use A Semicolon
8. (L.9-10.2.D)  Spell Correctly
9. (L.9-10.3.A)  Write And Edit Work
10. (L.9-10.4.A)  Use Context
11. (L.9-10.4.B)  Patterns Of Word Changes
12. (L.9-10.4.C)  Consult Reference Materials
13. (L.9-10.5.A)  Interpret Figures Of Speech
14. (L.9-10.5.B)  Analyze Nuances
15. (L.9-10.6)  Acquire And Use Words/phrases
Speaking & Listening
1. (ELA.9.31)  Integrate And Evaluate
2. (ELA.9.32)  POV, Reasoning, Evidence
3. (ELA.9.33)  Present Information
4. (ELA.9.34)  Digital Media


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