Aspire Math - Grade 3 Practice Test

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Operations and Algebraic Thinking17%
Number and Operations in Base Ten17%
Number and Operations in Fractions17%
Measurement and Data17%
  • Questions: 1,537
  • Two-Part Items: 64
  • Vocabulary Terms: 130
  • Performance Tasks: 115
  • Instructional Videos: 47

Test Standards

Operations and Algebraic Thinking
1. (OAT.1)  Multiply To 100
2. (OAT.2)  Creates Expression
3. (OAT.3)  Repeated Addition
4. (OAT.4)  Word Problems
5. (OAT.5)  Fair Sharing
6. (OAT.6)  Translate
7. (OAT.8)  Contextual Problem
8. (OAT.9)  Multiplies And Divides
9. (OAT.11)  Match An Expression
10. (OAT.12)  Represents Situation
11. (OAT.13)  Properties Of Operations
12. (OAT.14)  Division Problems
Number and Operations in Base Ten
1. (NOBT.1)  Round
2. (NOBT.2)  Nearest 100
3. (NOBT.3)  Number Line
4. (NOBT.4)  Multiples Of 10
5. (NOBT.5)  Place Value Multiplication
6. (NOBT.6)  Adds Or Subtracts
Number and Operations in Fractions
1. (NOF.2)  Fractions
2. (NOF.3)  Ratios
3. (NOF.4)  Plots Fractions
4. (NOF.5)  Fraction Quantities
5. (NOF.6)  Writes Fractions
6. (NOF.7)  Plots A/b
7. (NOF.9)  Multi-step Problems
8. (NOF.10)  Comparing Fractions
9. (NOF.11)  Conceptualize Fractions
Measurement and Data
1. (MD.1)  Base Ten Numbers
2. (MD.2)  Standard Units
3. (MD.3)  Units Of Measurement
4. (MD.4)  Area
5. (MD.5)  Measures And Graphs
6. (MD.6)  Metric Linear Measurements
7. (MD.7)  Area In Square Units
8. (MD.8)  Time
9. (MD.9)  Uses Tools To Measure
10. (MD.10)  Calculations Of Time
11. (MD.11)  Represents Measurement
1. (G.1)  Identifies Quadrilaterals
2. (G.2)  Drawing Quadrilaterals
3. (G.3)  Rectangle Fractions
4. (G.5)  Represents Fractions
5. (G.6)  2D And 3D Shapes
6. (G.7)  Symbolic Representation
7. (G.8)  Decomposes Shapes
8. (G.9)  Symmetric Shape
1. (F.1)  Real-world Situations
2. (F.3)  Adds And Subtracts Within 100
3. (F.4)  Numerals In Place Value
4. (F.5)  Solves Problems In Measurement And Geometry
5. (F.6)  Place Value In Hundreds
6. (F.8)  Measures Lengths
7. (F.9)  Relates Length
8. (F.10)  Names Parts Of Quadrilateral
9. (F.11)  Base-ten Number Concepts
10. (F.12)  Place Value Through Hundreds
11. (F.13)  Skip-counts Starting At Any Number
12. (F.14)  Solves Problems Between Between Geometric Figures
13. (F.15)  Place Value In Real World
14. (F.16)  Patterns In Skip Counting