Aspire English - Grade 6 Practice Test

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Production of Writing (POW) 34%
Knowledge of Language (KLA) 33%
Conventions of Standard English (CSE) 33%
  • Questions 1,272
  • Vocabulary Terms 133
  • Performance Tasks 150
  • Instructional Videos 75

Test Standards

Production of Writing (POW)
1. (POW.1)  Paragraph focus
2. (POW.3)  Logical relationships
3. (POW.4)  Topic sentence
4. (POW.5)  Simple paragraph sentence purpose
5. (POW.7)  Enhance focus for a simple paragraph
6. (POW.8)  Complex paragraph sentence purpose
7. (POW.9)  Conclude a paragraph
8. (POW.10)  Use transitions for paragrahs
9. (POW.12)  Sentence purpose in an essay
10. (POW.13)  Topic sentence for an essay
11. (POW.14)  Conclusion sentence
Knowledge of Language (KLA)
1. (KLA.2)  Redundant words
2. (KLA.3)  Corrects inconsistencies in a sentence
3. (KLA.4)  Precise language in a paragraph
4. (KLA.5)  Redundancy in a sentence
5. (KLA.7)  Precise language between ideas
6. (KLA.8)  Redundant phrases
7. (KLA.9)  Descriptive language with tone
8. (KLA.10)  Uses appropriate conjunctions
9. (KLA.12)  Descriptive language in an essay
Conventions of Standard English (CSE)
1. (CSE.2)  Comparative and superlative adverbs
2. (CSE.4)  Commas in a series
3. (CSE.5)  Long sentence fragments
4. (CSE.6)  Consistent verb tense in sentences
5. (CSE.7)  Pronouns and antecedents
6. (CSE.8)  Frequently confused words
7. (CSE.9)  Comma series for description
8. (CSE.10)  Corrects varying fragments
9. (CSE.12)  Corrects run-on sentences
10. (CSE.13)  Consistent verb tense in paragraphs
11. (CSE.14)  Subject-verb agreement
12. (CSE.15)  Comparative adjectives/adverbs
13. (CSE.16)  Uses commas