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Aspire English - Grade 7 Practice

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  • Questions 1,766
  • Vocabulary Terms 149
  • Performance Tasks 233
  • Instructional Videos 79

Test Standards

  1. (POW.1) Identify purpose
  2. (POW.2) Rhetorical purpose
  3. (POW.5) Main idea
  4. (POW.6) Subtle logical relationships
  5. (POW.7) Overall purpose of a complex essay
  6. (POW.9) Sentence relationships
  7. (POW.11) Logical transitions
  8. (POW.12) Sentence contribution
  9. (POW.13) Rhetorical purpose in a paragraph
  10. (POW.16) Topic sentence
  11. (POW.17) Overall structure
  12. (POW.19) Sentence relationships with multiple ideas
  13. (POW.20) Logical progression for an essay
  14. (POW.21) Introductory sentence
  1. (KLA.2) Consistent style and tone
  2. (KLA.3) Conjunctions
  3. (KLA.6) Informational academic language
  4. (KLA.7) Simple relationships
  5. (KLA.10) Formal/academic tone
  6. (KLA.12) Precise relationships
  7. (KLA.14) Complex language choice
  8. (KLA.16) Academic language v. informal expression
  9. (KLA.17) Precise formal/academic tone
  1. (CSE.1) Simple sentence modifiers
  2. (CSE.2) Compound sentence verb tense
  3. (CSE.3) Complex sentences
  4. (CSE.4) Pronoun-antecedent agreement
  5. (CSE.6) Comparative and superlative forms
  6. (CSE.11) Plural pronouns and antecedents
  7. (CSE.13) Simple sentence comparative/superlative forms
  8. (CSE.15) Simple sentence comma usage
  9. (CSE.16) Complex sentence modifiers
  10. (CSE.17) Corrects parallelism
  11. (CSE.18) Subordinating conjunctions
  12. (CSE.19) Subject-verb agreement
  13. (CSE.20) Complex noun forms
  14. (CSE.21) Singular reflexive pronouns
  15. (CSE.23) Commas in complex sentences
  16. (CSE.24) Commas and adjectives
  17. (CSE.25) Noun phrases
  18. (CSE.26) Commas with modifying phrases
  19. (CSE.28) Conjunctions in abstract sentences
  20. (CSE.29) Consistent verb tense in paragraphs
  21. (CSE.30) Complex subject-verb agreement
  22. (CSE.31) Complex pronoun-antecedent agreement
  23. (CSE.32) Chooses complex noun forms
  24. (CSE.33) Plural reflexive pronouns
  25. (CSE.34) Complex comparative/superlative form
  26. (CSE.35) Complex prepositions
  27. (CSE.36) Commas to join clauses
  28. (CSE.37) Commas with complex adjectives
  29. (CSE.39) Comma usage with complex sentences
  30. (CSE.40) Unnecessary punctuation

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