Aspire Science - Grade 3 Practice Test

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Interpretation of Data 50%
Scientific Investigation 25%
Evaluation of Models, Inferences, and Experimental Results 25%
  • Questions 411
  • Vocabulary Terms 82
  • Performance Tasks 43
  • Instructional Videos 17

Test Standards

Interpretation of Data
1. (IOD.1)  Selects Data
2. (IOD.2)  Information in Text
3. (IOD.3)  Features of Table, Graph, or Diagram
4. (IOD.4)  Scientific Terminology
5. (IOD.5)  Translates Information
6. (IOD.6)  Changing Variables
7. (IOD.7)  Combines Data
8. (IOD.8)  Interpolate and Extrapolate
9. (IOD.9)  Analyzes New Data
Scientific Investigation
1. (SI.1)  Information in Text
2. (SI.2)  Complex Experiments
3. (SI.3)  Tools, Methods, and Designs
4. (SI.4)  Experimental Design
5. (SI.5)  Scientific Question
6. (SI.6)  Additional Information
7. (SI.7)  Evaluate Design
8. (SI.8)  Experimental Conditions
Evaluation of Models, Inferences, and Experimental Results
1. (EOM.1)  Consistant
2. (EOM.2)  Contradict