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Aspire Science - Grade 8 Practice

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  • Questions 841
  • Vocabulary Terms 116
  • Performance Tasks 84
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Test Standards

  1. (IOD.1 ) Data Presentation
  2. (IOD.2) Information in Text
  3. (IOD.3) Multiple Pieces of Data
  4. (IOD.4) Features of Table, Graph, or Diagram
  5. (IOD.5) Scientific Terminology
  6. (IOD.6) Translates Information
  7. (IOD.7) Variable Changes
  8. (IOD.8) Compares/Combines Data
  9. (IOD.9) Interpolation/Extrapolation
  10. (IOD.10) Compares/Combines Multiple Data
  11. (IOD.11) New Data
  12. (IOD.12) Mathematical Relationships
  1. (SI.1 ) Describe Experiment in Text
  2. (SI.2) Compare Experiments
  3. (SI.3) Tools
  4. (SI.4) Understands Tools
  5. (SI.5) Understands Experimental Design
  6. (SI.6) Scientific Question
  7. (SI.7) Precision, Accuracy, and Flaws
  8. (SI.8) Additional Trial
  9. (SI.9) Specified Results
  10. (SI.10) Alternate Method
  11. (SI.11) Modify the Design
  1. (EOM.1 ) Information in Theoretical Model
  2. (EOM.2 ) Implications and Assumptions
  3. (EOM.3) Which Theoretical Models Present Information
  4. (EOM.4) Consistent or Not Consistent
  5. (EOM.5) Support or Contradict
  6. (EOM.6) Consistent or Not Consistent with Multiple Models
  7. (EOM.7) Model Similarities and Differences
  8. (EOM.8) Model Strengths and Weaknesses
  9. (EOM.9) New Information
  10. (EOM.10) Models Support of Contradict
  11. (EOM.11) New Information

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