Aspire Writing - Early High School Practice Test

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Ideas and Analysis 25%
Development and Support 25%
Organization 25%
Language Use and Conventions 25%
  • Questions 582
  • Vocabulary Terms 78
  • Performance Tasks 120
  • Instructional Videos 65

Test Standards

Ideas and Analysis
1. (IA.1)  Comprehend a subject
2. (IA.2)  Perspectives and assumptions
3. (IA.3)  Implications and factors
4. (IA.4)  Explain and articulate
Development and Support
1. (DS.1)  Essential elements
2. (DS.2)  Assumptions, ideas, values
3. (DS.3)  Insight
4. (DS.4)  Focus
1. (O.1)  Group ideas
2. (O.2)  Sequence
3. (O.3)  Transitions
4. (O.4)  Introduction
5. (O.5)  Conclusion
Language Use and Conventions
1. (LC.1)  Sentence structures
2. (LC.2)  Conventions
3. (LC.3)  Vocabulary
4. (LC.4)  Voice and tone