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Aspire Writing - Grade 7 Practice

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  • Questions 1,067
  • Vocabulary Terms 76
  • Performance Tasks 120
  • Instructional Videos 65

Test Standards

  1. (IA.1) Comprehend a subject
  2. (IA.2) Perspectives and assumptions
  3. (IA.3) Implications and factors
  4. (IA.4) Explain and articulate
  1. (DS.1) Essential elements
  2. (DS.2) Assumptions, ideas, values
  3. (DS.3) Insight
  4. (DS.4) Focus
  1. (O.1) Group ideas
  2. (O.2) Sequence
  3. (O.3) Transitions
  4. (O.4) Introduction
  5. (O.5) Conclusion
  1. (LC.1) Sentence structures
  2. (LC.2) Conventions
  3. (LC.3) Vocabulary
  4. (LC.4) Voice and tone

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