Aspire Reading - Grade 3 Practice Test

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Key Ideas and Details34%
Craft and Structure33%
Integration of Knowledge and Ideas33%
  • Questions: 1,530
  • Vocabulary Terms: 83
  • Performance Tasks: 100
  • Instructional Videos: 42

Test Standards

Key Ideas and Details
1. (KID.3)  Key Details
2. (KID.5)  Text Details
3. (KID.6)  Key Details
4. (KID.7)  Character Traits
5. (KID.8)  Paraphrases Text
6. (KID.9)  Central Ideas
7. (KID.12)  Draw Conclusions
8. (KID.13)  Central Ideas
9. (KID.14)  Summarizes Texts
10. (KID.15)  Logical Inferences
11. (KID.16)  Character Traits
Craft and Structure
1. (CS.1)  Author's Purpose
2. (CS.2)  Characterization
3. (CS.4)  Author's Purpose
4. (CS.5)  Author's Purpose
5. (CS.6)  Characterization
6. (CS.8)  Structure And Content
7. (CS.9)  Author's Purpose
8. (CS.11)  Characterization
9. (CS.12)  Word Meanings From Context
10. (CS.13)  Author's Purpose
11. (CS.14)  Multiple Perspectives
12. (CS.15)  Characterization And Theme
Integration of Knowledge and Ideas
1. (IKI.1)  Explicit Claims
2. (IKI.2)  Citing Textual Evidence
3. (IKI.3)  Fact Or Opinion
4. (IKI.4)  Similarities And Differences Between Texts
5. (IKI.5)  Explicit Claims
6. (IKI.9)  Explicit Or Implied Claims
7. (IKI.10)  Citing Textual Evidence
8. (IKI.12)  Compare And Contrast
9. (IKI.15)  Textual Evidence
10. (IKI.16)  Fact And Opinion
11. (IKI.17)  Compare And Contrast
12. (IKI.18)  Similarities And Differences