Aspire Writing - Grade 3 Practice Test

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Ideas and Analysis25%
Development and Support25%
Language Use and Conventions25%
  • Questions: 455
  • Two-Part Items: 1
  • Vocabulary Terms: 68
  • Performance Tasks: 73
  • Instructional Videos: 25

Test Standards

Ideas and Analysis
1. (IA.1)  Select Topic
2. (IA.2)  Perspectives
3. (IA.3)  Meanings And Implications
4. (IA.4)  Reflect
Development and Support
1. (DS.1)  Describe
2. (DS.2)  Essential Elements
3. (DS.3)  Details
4. (DS.4)  Consideration
5. (DS.5)  Focus
1. (O.1)  Group Ideas
2. (O.2)  Sequence
3. (O.3)  Transitions
4. (O.4)  Introduction
5. (O.5)  Conclusion
Language Use and Conventions
1. (LC.1)  Techniques
2. (LC.2)  Conventions
3. (LC.3)  Vocabulary
4. (LC.4)  Voice And Tone


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