AZMerit 4th Grade Math Practice

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Operations and Algebraic Thinking 20%
Number and Operations in Base Ten 20%
Number and Operations - Fractions 20%
Measurement and Data 20%
Geometry 20%
  • Questions 2,288
  • Vocabulary Terms 145
  • Performance Tasks 125
  • Instructional Videos 56

Test Standards

Operations and Algebraic Thinking
1. (4.OA.A.1)  Interpret multiplication
2. (4.OA.A.2)  Multiplicative comparison
3. (4.OA.A.3)  Solve multistep problems
4. (4.OA.B.4)  Factor pairs
5. (4.OA.C.5)  Generate a pattern
Number and Operations in Base Ten
1. (4.NBT.A.1)  Place value pattern
2. (4.NBT.A.2)  Multi-digit whole numbers
3. (4.NBT.A.3)  Round to any place
4. (4.NBT.B.4)  Add and subtract
5. (4.NBT.B.5)  Multiply
6. (4.NBT.B.6)  Find quotients and remainders
Number and Operations - Fractions
1. (4.NF.A.1)  Explain equivalence
2. (4.NF.A.2)  Compare fractions
3. (4.NF.B.3a)  Understand fraction addition/subtraction
4. (4.NF.B.3b)  Decompose a fraction
5. (4.NF.B.3c)  Add/subtract mixed numbers
6. (4.NF.B.3d)  Word problems
7. (4.NF.B.4ab)  a/b as multiple of 1/b
8. (4.NF.B.4c)  Fraction problems
9. (4.NF.C.5)  Denominator multiples of 10
10. (4.NF.C.6)  Decimal notation
11. (4.NF.C.7)  Compare decimals
Measurement and Data
1. (4.MD.A.1)  Relative sizes
2. (4.MD.A.2)  Word problems
3. (4.MD.A.3)  Area and perimeter problems
4. (4.MD.B.4)  Line plot
5. (4.MD.C.5)  Angles and measures
6. (4.MD.C.6)  Protractor
7. (4.MD.C.7)  Count unit squares
1. (4.G.A.1)  Draw objects and lines
2. (4.G.A.2)  Classify figures
3. (4.G.A.3)  Line of symmetry