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5th Grade Science (AZSS) Practice

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  • Questions 623
  • Vocabulary Terms 122
  • Performance Tasks 50
  • Instructional Videos 18

Test Standards

  1. (5.P1U1.1) Conservation of Matter
  2. (5.P1U1.2) Combining Substances
  3. (5.P2U1.3) Objects Affect Objects
  4. (5.P3U1.4) Balanced and Unbalanced Forces
  5. (5.P3U2.5) Force and Motion
  6. (5.P4U1.6) Objects Move
  1. (5.E2U1.7) Earth and Moon Movement
  2. (5.E2U1.8) Gravitational Force
  1. (5.L3U1.9) Genetic Information
  2. (5.L3U1.10) Environment and Traits
  3. (5.L4U3.11) Changes in Habitat and Climates
  4. (5.L4U3.12) Inherited Characteristics

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