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5th Grade Social Studies Practice

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  • Questions 923
  • Vocabulary Terms 230
  • Performance Tasks 68
  • Instructional Videos 83

Test Standards

  1. (5.C2.1;H2.1) Causes of the American Revolution
  2. (5.C3.1,4.1) The Declaration of Independence
  3. (5.G1.1,2.1;H2.1) Major Battles of the Revolution
  4. (5.H4.1) The Revolution and Minorities
  1. (5.C3.1,4.1,4.2) Articles of Confederation and The Constituion
  2. (5.C3.1) The Three Branches of Government
  3. (5.H2.1,4.1) Early American Leaders
  4. (5.H2.1;C4.2) Early Political Parties
  5. (5.C2.1,4.1;H4.1) Early American Rights
  1. (5.G3.1,4.1) Early Westward Expansion
  2. (5.H4.1;G1.1,3.1;E1.1) Manifest Destiny
  3. (5.G1.1,3.1;E4.2) Acquiring New Lands
  4. (5.H4.1;E3.1;C4.2) Expansion and Native Americans
  5. (5.C2.1,3.1;H2.1,4.1) Slavery and Expansion
  1. (5.H2.1;G4.1;E.4.1,4.2) Sectional Differences
  2. (5.C2.1;H4.1) Abolitionists
  3. (5.H2.1;C4.1) Causes of the Civil War
  4. (5.H2.1;G1.1) Fighting the Civil War
  5. (5.C2.1;E2.1,4.2;H4.1) Effects of the Civil War
  1. (5.C2.1,3.1;E.2.1;G1.1) The Goals of Reconstruction
  2. (5.C3.1,4.1;E4.1,5.1) The Effects of Reconstruction
  3. (5.H4.1;C2.1) Resistance to Reconstruction
  4. (5.H2.1,4.1) Reconstruction, the South, & the U.S.
  1. (5.G.1.1,3.1,4.1;E4.2) Factors of Expansion
  2. (5.E.1.1,3.1;G2.1) Technologies of Expansion
  3. (5.H4.1;G3.1,4.1;E.1.1,2.1) Occupational & Ethnic Groups
  4. (5.E.2.1,E4.2) Expansion & Native Americans
  1. (5.E3.1;G3.1) The Industrial Revolution
  2. (5.C4.1,4.2;H4.1) Late-19th Century Discrimination
  3. (5.G1.1,G3.1;E1.1,2.1) Late-19th Century Immigration
  4. (5.E4.2,5.1;H2.1) Impact of Industrialization

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