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11th Grade Science Assessment (AzSCI) Practice

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  • Vocabulary Terms 760
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Test Standards

  1. (HS.L2U3.18 ) Human Activity and Biodiversity
  2. (HS.L2U1.19 ) Transfer of Matter and Energy
  3. (HS.L1U1.20 ) Homeostasis
  4. (HS.L2U1.21) Photosynthesis and Cellular Respiration
  5. (HS.L1U1.22) Cellular Division
  6. (HS.L1U3.23) Abnormal Cell Function
  7. (HS.L3U1.24) Sexual Reproduction and Variation
  8. (HS.L3U1.25) Mutations
  9. (HS.L3U3.26) Current Genetic Technology
  10. (HS.L4U1.27) Frequency of Inherited Traits
  11. (HS.L4U1.28) Mechanisms of Evolution
  1. (HS+B.L2U1.1 ) Limiting Factors and Carrying Capacity
  2. (HS+B.L4U1.2) Environment and Species Diversity
  3. (HS+B.L2U1.3) Trophic Levels
  4. (HS+B.L1U1.4) Cellular Organelles
  5. (HS+B.L1U1.5) Cells and Proteins
  6. (HS+B.L1U1.6 ) Transport Mechanisms
  7. (HS+B.L1U1.7) Interacting Systems
  8. (HS+B.L2U1.8) Details of Photosynthesis and Cellular Respiration
  9. (HS+B.L1U1.9) Asexual Reproduction
  10. (HS+B.L3U1.10) Meiosis and Variation
  11. (HS+B.L3U1.11) Proteins
  12. (HS+B.L3U1.12) Mutations and Variation
  13. (HS+B.L4U1.13) Change in Genetic Composition
  14. (HS+B.L4U1.14 ) Natural Selection
  1. (HS.P1U1.1) Patterns and Properties of Atoms
  2. (HS.P1U1.2) Bonding
  3. (HS.P1U1.3) Reaction Rate
  4. (HS.P1U3.4) Use of Chemistry
  5. (HS.P2U1.5 ) Field Strength
  6. (HS.P3U1.6) Newton's Laws
  7. (HS.P3U2.7) Engineering
  8. (HS.P4U1.8) Conservation of Energy
  9. (HS.P4U3.9) Energy Usage
  10. (HS.P4U1.10) Waves
  1. (HS+C.P1U1.1) Subatomic Particle Numbers
  2. (HS+C.P1U1.2) Atoms Absorb and Emit Energy
  3. (HS+C.P1U1.3) Kinetic Molecular Theory and Gas Laws
  4. (HS+C.P1U1.4) Forces Between Molecules
  5. (HS+C.P1U1.5) Physical and Chemical Properties
  6. (HS+C.P1U1.6) Chemical System in Equilibrium
  7. (HS+C.P1U1.7 ) Stoichiometry
  8. (HS+C.P1U3.8 ) Fission, Fusion, and Radioactive Decay
  9. (HS+Phy.P2U1.1) Electricity and Magnetism
  10. (HS+Phy.P3U1.2) Law of Gravitation
  11. (HS+Phy.P3U1.3) Projectile and Circular Motion
  12. (HS+Phy.P3U1.4) Conservation of Momentum
  13. (HS+Phy.P3U2.5) Collision
  14. (HS+Phy.P4U1.6) Energy Flow
  15. (HS+Phy.P4U2.7) Transfer Energy in a System
  16. (HS+Phy.P4U1.8 ) Power, Current, Voltage, and Resistance
  1. (HS.E1U1.11) Weather & Climate
  2. (HS.E1U1.12) Roles of Water in Earth’s Surface Processes
  3. (HS.E1U1.13) Earth's Systems
  4. (HS.E1U3.14) Earth and Human Activity
  5. (HS.E2U1.15) Earth's Place in the Universe
  6. (HS.E2U1.16) Earth and the Solar System
  7. (HS.E2U1.17) The Universe and its Stars
  1. (HS+E.E1U1.1 ) Sun Energy Transfer
  2. (HS+E.E1U1.2) Energy and Climate
  3. (HS+E.E1U1.3) Global Climate Models
  4. (HS+E.E1U1.4) Feedbacks
  5. (HS+E.E1U1.5) Water
  6. (HS+E.E1U1.6) Plate Tectonics
  7. (HS+E.E1U1.7) Formation of the Earth
  8. (HS+E.E1U1.8) Internal and Surface Processes
  9. (HS+E.E1U3.9) Influence on Human Activity
  10. (HS+E.E1U3.10) Soultions to Problems
  11. (HS+E.E1U3.11) Relationships Among Earth Systems
  12. (HS+E.E2U1.12) Stars Produce Elements and Energy

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