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Geometry Practice

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  • Questions 3,139
  • Vocabulary Terms 173
  • Performance Tasks 210
  • Instructional Videos 71

Test Standards

  1. (G.N-Q.A.1) Use Units
  2. (G.N-Q.A.2) Descriptive Modeling
  3. (G.N-Q.A.3) Level of Accuracy
  1. (G.G-CO.A.1) Undefined Notions
  2. (G.G-CO.A.2) Transformations
  3. (G.G-CO.A.3) Rotations and Reflections
  4. (G.G-CO.A.4) Definitions
  5. (G.G-CO.A.5) Transformed Figure
  6. (G.G-CO.B.6) Rigid Motions
  7. (G.G-CO.B.7) Congruence
  8. (G.G-CO.B.8) Triangle Congruence
  9. (G.G-CO.C.9) Line Angle Theorems
  10. (G.G-CO.C.10) Triangle Theorems
  11. (G.G-CO.C.11) Parallelogram Theorems
  12. (G.G-CO.D.12) Geometric Constructions
  13. (G.G-CO.D.13) Construct
  1. (G.G-SRT.A.1) Properties of Dilations
  2. (G.G-SRT.A.2) Similarity Transformations
  3. (G.G-SRT.A.3) Similarity transformations
  4. (G.G-SRT.B.4) Prove Triangle Theorems
  5. (G.G-SRT.B.5) Similarity Criteria
  6. (G.G-SRT.C.6) Side Ratios
  7. (G.G-SRT.C.7) Complementary Angles
  8. (G.G-SRT.C.8) Trigonometric Ratios
  1. (G.G-C.A.1) Prove similarity of all circles
  2. (G.G-C.A.2) Angle Relationships
  3. (G.G-C.A.3) Construct Circles
  4. (G.G-C.B.5) Radian measure, sectors
  1. (G.G-GPE.A.1) Derive Circle Equation
  2. (G.G-GPE.B.4) Geometric Theorems
  3. (G.G-GPE.B.5) Prove Slopes for Parallel/Perp
  4. (G.G-GPE.B.6) Find Point
  5. (G.G-GPE.B.7) Compute Perimeters
  1. (G.G-GMD.A.1) Formula Arguments
  2. (G.G-GMD.A.3) Volume Formulas
  3. (G.G-GMD.B.4) Identify Shapes
  1. (G.G-MG.A.1) Describe Objects
  2. (G.G-MG.A.2) Density Concepts
  3. (G.G-MG.A.3) Geometric Methods

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