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Life Science (2018) Practice

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  • Questions 2,892
  • Vocabulary Terms 377
  • Performance Tasks 206
  • Instructional Videos 90

Test Standards

  1. (HS.L2U3.18 ) Human Activity and Biodiversity
  2. (HS.L2U1.19 ) Transfer of Matter and Energy
  1. (HS.L1U1.20 ) Homeostasis
  2. (HS.L2U1.21) Photosynthesis and Cellular Respiration
  3. (HS.L1U1.22) Cellular Division
  4. (HS.L1U3.23) Abnormal Cell Function
  1. (HS.L3U1.24) Sexual Reproduction and Variation
  2. (HS.L3U1.25) Mutations
  3. (HS.L3U3.26) Current Genetic Technology
  1. (HS.L4U1.27) Frequency of Inherited Traits
  2. (HS.L4U1.28) Mechanisms of Evolution
  1. (HS+B.L2U1.1 ) Limiting Factors and Carrying Capacity
  2. (HS+B.L4U1.2) Environment and Species Diversity
  3. (HS+B.L2U1.3) Trophic Levels
  4. (HS+B.L1U1.4) Cellular Organelles
  5. (HS+B.L1U1.5) Cells and Proteins
  6. (HS+B.L1U1.6 ) Transport Mechanisms
  7. (HS+B.L1U1.7) Interacting Systems
  8. (HS+B.L2U1.8) Details of Photosynthesis and Cellular Respiration
  9. (HS+B.L1U1.9) Asexual Reproduction
  10. (HS+B.L3U1.10) Meiosis and Variation
  11. (HS+B.L3U1.11) Proteins
  12. (HS+B.L3U1.12) Mutations and Variation
  13. (HS+B.L4U1.13) Change in Genetic Composition
  14. (HS+B.L4U1.14 ) Natural Selection

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