Precalculus Practice

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Analyze Functions 11%
Building Functions 13%
Interpreting Conics 11%
Interpreting Sequences and Series 9%
Extending Triangle Trigonometry 13%
Reasoning with Trigonometric Structure 7%
Exploring Polar Equations 7%
Modeling with Parametrics 9%
Exploring Vectors 11%
Using Matrices 9%
  • Questions 2,024
  • Vocabulary Terms 207
  • Performance Tasks 113
  • Instructional Videos 100

Test Standards

Analyze Functions
1. (RFR.AF.1)  Parameters
2. (RFR.AF.2)  Graph features
3. (RFR.AF.3)  Interpret features
4. (RFR.AF.4)  End behavior, continuity
5. (RFR.AF.5)  Trig function graphs
Building Functions
1. (RFR.BF.1)  Function arithmetic
2. (RFR.BF.2)  Compose functions
3. (RFR.BF.3)  Rewrite as composition
4. (RFR.BF.4)  Inverse functions
5. (RFR.BF.5)  Interpret functions
6. (RFR.BF.6)  Verify inverses
Interpreting Conics
1. (RFR.IC.1)  Conic models
2. (RFR.IC.2)  Features of conics
3. (RFR.IC.3)  Sketch conics
4. (RFR.IC.4)  Write conic equations
5. (RFR.IC.5)  Identify conics
Interpreting Sequences and Series
1. (RFR.ISS.1)  Model with sequences, series
2. (RFR.ISS.2)  Covariational reasoning
3. (RFR.ISS.3)  Infinite series
4. (RFR.ISS.4)  Sums of series
Extending Triangle Trigonometry
1. (RFR.ETT.1)  Trig models
2. (RFR.ETT.2)  Laws of sines and cosines
3. (RFR.ETT.3)  Triangle area
4. (RFR.ETT.4)  Special angles and formulas
5. (RFR.ETT.5)  Unit circle
6. (RFR.ETT.6)  Trig equation applications
Reasoning with Trigonometric Structure
1. (RT.RTS.1)  Trig expressions
2. (RT.RTS.2)  Equivalent forms
3. (RT.RTS.3)  Trig equations
Exploring Polar Equations
1. (RT.EPE.1)  Graph polars
2. (RT.EPE.2)  Interpret polar equations
3. (RT.EPE.3)  Polar models
Modeling with Parametrics
1. (RV.MP.1)  Parametric models
2. (RV.MP.2)  Solve with parametrics
3. (RV.MP.3)  Graph paramtetrics
4. (RV.MP.4)  Analyze parametric graphs
Exploring Vectors
1. (RV.EV.1)  Vector quantities
2. (RV.EV.2)  Represent vectors
3. (RV.EV.3)  Vector components
4. (RV.EV.4)  Velocity problems
5. (RV.EV.5)  Vector operations
Using Matrices
1. (RM.UM.1)  Use matrices
2. (RM.UM.2)  Matrix operations
3. (RM.UM.3)  Inverse and determinant
4. (RM.UM.4)  Solve systems