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Quantitative Reasoning Practice

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  • Questions 1,761
  • Vocabulary Terms 142
  • Performance Tasks 80
  • Instructional Videos 48

Test Standards

  1. (QR.NR.1) Represent quantities
  2. (QR.NR.2) Percentages
  3. (QR.NR.3) Magnitudes
  4. (QR.NR.4) Estimation
  1. (QR.CR.1) Growth and decay
  2. (QR.CR.2) Models
  3. (QR.CR.3) Bivariate sets
  1. (QR.SPR.1) Claims
  2. (QR.SPR.2) Analyze information
  3. (QR.SPR.3) Summaries and displays
  4. (QR.SPR.4) Center, shape, spread
  1. (QR.DMR.1) Vertex-edge graphs
  2. (QR.DMR.2) Algorithms
  3. (QR.DMR.3) Adjacency matrices
  1. (QR.FR.1) Career goal
  2. (QR.FR.2) Income and expenses
  3. (QR.FR.3) Financial models
  4. (QR.FR.4) Financial decisions

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