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6th Grade Global Studies Practice

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  • Questions 2,195
  • Vocabulary Terms 317
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Test Standards

  1. (6.G2.1,3.2 ) Hunter-Gatherers
  2. (6.G2.1,4.1) Agricultural Revolution
  3. (6.H1.1,C2.1) River Valley Civilizations
  4. (6.H3.1-3.3) World Religions
  1. (6.C4.1&4.2) Hellenic Greece
  2. (6.C2.1,H3.3&4.1) Hellenistic Greece
  3. (6.H1.1&1.2) Roman Civilization
  4. (6.H1.2&C4.2) Rome: Republic to Empire
  5. (6.C4.2,H3.1) Fall of Rome, Rise of Byzantium
  6. (6.H3.2) Greek & Roman Polytheism
  1. (6.H1.1,2.1) Qing-Ming China
  2. (6.H1.1,3.2,C4.2) Feudal Japan
  3. (6.H4.1,E3.3,H3.2) Classic India
  4. (6.H3.2,G1.1,3.1) Islam: Origin & Beliefs
  1. (6.H1.1,G3.2) Ghana, Mali, Songhai
  2. (6.G1.1,3.2,4.2) African Trade
  3. (6.H1.1,1.2,C4.1) Maya, Aztecs, & Inca
  4. (6.H1.1,1.2,G2.1) Native American Cultures
  1. (6.E1.1,3.1,3.2,H3.2) European Feudalism
  2. (6.C4.1,4.2,H3.1) Magna Carta
  3. (6.H.3.2,G4.2) The Crusades
  4. (6.H.3.1,3.2) Influence of the Catholic Church
  5. (6.G4.2) The Bubonic Plague
  1. (6.H2.1,4.1,G.3.1) Italian Rensaissance
  2. (6.G3.1,H1.2,2.1) Figures of the Renaissance
  3. (6.H3.2) Reformation & Counter Reformation
  4. (6.H1.2,3.1,E1.2,3.2,5.1,5.2 ) Motives for Exploration

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