6th Grade Math AZMerit Practice

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Ratios and Proportional Relationships 20%
The Number System 20%
Expressions and Equations 20%
Geometry 20%
Statistics and Probability 20%
  • Questions 2,845
  • Vocabulary Terms 195
  • Performance Tasks 155
  • Instructional Videos 87

Test Standards

Ratios and Proportional Relationships
1. (6.RP.A.1)  Ratios
2. (6.RP.A.2)  Unit rate
3. (6.RP.A.3a)  Equivalent ratios
4. (6.RP.A.3b)  Unit rate
5. (6.RP.A.3c)  Percents
6. (6.RP.A.3d)  Convert
The Number System
1. (6.NS.A.1)  Quotients
2. (6.NS.B.2)  Divide
3. (6.NS.B.3)  Decimal arithmetic
4. (6.NS.B.4)  GCF and LCM
5. (6.NS.C.5)  Positive and negative
6. (6.NS.C.6a)  Opposite numbers
7. (6.NS.C.6b)  Signs in pairs
8. (6.NS.C.6c)  Number line and plane
9. (6.NS.C.7a)  Inequality statements
10. (6.NS.C.7b)  Statements of order
11. (6.NS.C.7c)  Absolute value
12. (6.NS.C.7d)  Distinguish comparisons
13. (6.NS.C.8)  Solve problems
Expressions and Equations
1. (6.EE.A.1)  Exponents
2. (6.EE.A.2a)  Write expressions
3. (6.EE.A.2b)  Interpret expressions
4. (6.EE.A.2c)  Evaluate expressions
5. (6.EE.A.3)  Equivalent expressions
6. (6.EE.A.4)  Equivalent expressions
7. (6.EE.B.5)  Understand solutions
8. (6.EE.B.6)  Use variables
9. (6.EE.B.7)  Solve problems with unknowns
10. (6.EE.B.8)  Write inequalities
11. (6.EE.C.9)  Use variables
1. (6.G.A.1)  Find areas
2. (6.G.A.2)  Find volumes
3. (6.G.A.3)  Draw polygons
4. (6.G.A.4)  Nets
Statistics and Probability
1. (6.SP.A.1)  Statistical question
2. (6.SP.A.2)  Distribution
3. (6.SP.A.3)  Center and variability
4. (6.SP.B.4)  Display data
5. (6.SP.B.5a)  Observations
6. (6.SP.B.5b)  Nature of attribute
7. (6.SP.B.5c)  Data patterns
8. (6.SP.B.5d)  Data distribution