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7th Grade Integrated Global Studies Practice

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  • Questions 2,214
  • Vocabulary Terms 418
  • Performance Tasks 85
  • Instructional Videos 89

Test Standards

  1. (7.C4.3) Limited & Unlimited Governments
  2. (7.H1.2&3.1) Scientific Revolution
  3. (7.H3.3&4.2) The Enlightenment
  4. (7.H2.1&C2.1) England's Political Upheaval
  5. (7.C2.1,4.1&H3.5) 18th Century Revolutions
  1. (7.C2.1,H2.2&3.2) French Revolution
  2. (7.H.1.1,C4.4,G1.1) Napoleonic Wars
  3. (7.C2.1,H2.1&3.1) Latin American Revolutions
  4. (7.E2.1,3.2&3.3 ) Industrial Revolution
  5. (7.E5.1,G1.1,1.2,3.1&3.4) Global Industrialization
  6. (7.H1.1,3.4,G.2.1&2.2) Imperialism
  7. (7.C2.1,E3.3) Spanish-American War
  1. (7.H1.1,3.2) World War I: Causes
  2. (7.H2.2,G3.2,3.3) World War I: Outcomes
  3. (7.E3.1,3.4,5.3) Global Economic Depression
  4. (7.E5.2,H2.1&2.2) Totalitarian Governments
  5. (H2.1&2.2,3.4,4.1) World War II
  6. (H3.4,4.1,G3.4,4.3) The Holocaust
  1. (7.E5.2,C.4.3) U.S. & U.S.S.R.
  2. (7.C4.1,4.2) Cold War Organizations
  3. (7.C4.4,E5.2,G2.1&2.2) Spread of Communism
  4. (7.H1.2,2.2,3.2,3.3) Cold War Competition
  5. (7.H2.2,C2.1,4.1,4.4) Collapse of the Soviet Union
  1. (7.C2.1,G4.1,H2.1) Post-Soviet Europe
  2. (7.C2.1,,E5.1,G2.1) Nationalism & Independence
  3. (7.G4.2,4.4,H2.2) Middle East Conflicts
  4. (7.H3.3,4.1,C4.3) Women's Rights
  5. (7.H1.2,G.3.1,E2.2) Technological Revolution
  6. (7.G3.2,3.3,4.1-4.4) Environmental Issues

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