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Math teachers encounter students that have an all-too-common fear of math every single day. Stop students from dreading the subject and learn how you can improve your students' performance in the subject with these 4 tips. Keep Reading »
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District budgets are tight but USATestprep is a resource worth fighting for. That's what USATestprep educator Elizabeth McDonald believes. Here she offers six simple steps to make the argument for keeping USATestprep in the classroom. Keep Reading »
We heard you! Thanks to your response to last year’s poll, we now have DOK levels visible for all questions. We've also updated our bell ringer options and the look of the student and teacher resources pages. Keep Reading »
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When it comes to helping students master state standards, see why teachers choose USATestprep above all other platforms. Keep Reading »
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Missouri teacher, Jessica McLain says: "The [USATestprep] platform sells itself, and so when I moved school districts this year, one of the first things I said in my interview was… 'If you hire me, I have to have USATestprep!' Luckily they complied and I use it every single day." Learn key points she called out to convince her principal, that USATP is a must-have. Keep Reading »
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Learn why one teacher suggests engaging parents to ensure future funding. Keep Reading »
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Take it from one of our very own power users and teachers, Matt Bracewell from Tuscola High School, NC: "USATestprep is a technological leader in educational assessment and review software." Bracewell discusses the best practices for approaching your administration and what they want to know prior to purchasing USATestprep. Keep Reading »
While the oldest is just 9 years old, schools and universities are planning ahead for what is touted to be the most influential generation to come—the Alphas. Keep Reading »
USATestprep launches new comprehensive 5th and 8th-grade science tests for Nevada. Keep Reading »
You're halfway through the school year! Now is an ideal time to make plans that help your students finish the year strong. Here are seven advantages to starting USATestprep now. Keep Reading »
New state-specific standards-aligned science tests now available for 2020. Keep Reading »
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You won't want to miss our USATestprep workshops; engaging and interactive half-day training sessions for new and experienced users! Find a date and location near you. Keep Reading »
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Expand your USATestprep knowledge in just 30 short minutes. Led by one of our customer success managers, webinars are incredibly useful for learning best practices and overall utilization of our platform. USATestprep webinars are convenient and straight-to-the-point. Keep Reading »
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Eighth grade English Language Arts teacher, Lex Menz, received a grant to bring USATestprep into her school, Wilkinson Jr. High School in Florida. Keep Reading »
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USATestprep has rolled out two new comprehensive social studies tests in Michigan that reflect updated state standards. Keep Reading »