Diagnostic TestsOur diagnostic tests are the #1 resource on the site. Students receive a different test every time they take it and the results may be stored or sent via email to the teacher. They also provide instant feedback on missed questions and the weak and strong content areas of each student.

We decided we wanted to make our #1 feature even better!

New Features:
1) A student may take a test and then re-test missed questions. This feature was one requested by a student. The cumulative results page will show the student’s original test stats and combined stats based on their re-test performance.

2) Full html rendered versions of missed questions may now be viewed via email by the teacher. This is a huge visual improvement. Before teachers could see missed questions but not the images used in the question. Now they can see both.

3) Stored student test results now contain test stats AND missed questions. Before, the only way for a teacher to view missed questions was via a printout or email results.

4) Teachers may export and aggregate data of a class or multiple student tests to CSV or Excel format. Student data analysis has never been this easy or powerful!