We have just completed the archiving of your key user statistics.
This includes: Logins, Tests, Games, Quizes, etc.
We do this at the beginning of every school year so that you may more easily track the usage of the site by current students and teachers.

Email Review Subscriptions We also delete all email subscriptions. This is to prevent graduated students from receiving these emails. We want to help fight spam at all times. If you wish to re-subscribe, simply login to your account and register at the Email Review section.

Archived Tests If you wish to find a student’s test score from last year, make sure to check the “archive” check box when searching for his/her test results.

Game High Score Board We also reset this so students may compete and set new high scores.

View Your StatsRemember, you can always login to your account and click the “account details” button to see your real-time and archived stats at any time.