After you have created classes for your students, you will want to take advantage of our Assignments tab on your teacher Home page. To create an assignment, just click the Assignments tab, then the “Create New Assignment” link.

The first step is to give that assignment a name. Then choose the type of assignment you want to give- Test, Practice, Game, or Video (comprehension questions)- and the appropriate options that go along with each type of assignment.

The second step is to choose a start date and an end date for the assignment. When you choose a start date in the future, please note that the assignment will only show up on for your students when that start date has been reached. Also, once an end date has been reached, students will still be able to see the assignment on their Home page, but they will not be able to complete it. You can also choose whether or not you want students to be allowed to retest missed questions.

The final step is to choose the student you want to take the assignment. You can choose an entire class by simply clicking on the box next to the class name. If you only want specific students to take the assignment, click on the box next to the class name, “Uncheck All,” then select the student who you want to complete the assignment. Then click “Save Assignment,” and you’re all done!

Remember, this topic and many others are covered in the  “How To” videos located on your teacher Home page. Lets us know if you have any additional questions!