In our last “Quick Tips” we looked at how to share a benchmark test. Did you know that when you create a benchmark test you can have our system automatically eliminate an incorrect answer? This option can be found in Step 2 of the Benchmark process.

By default, the “Number of Answers per Question” option is set at 4, but you can change this is a simple mouse click. If you choose to have three answers per question, students will then see one incorrect answer eliminated for them.

Additionally, all students can choose to eliminate answers on any test they take. Simply directing the mouse to an answer choice will highlight that choice. To the right of an answer is the “Eliminate” link.

Clicking this will eliminate the answer for the student, which will be represented by the answer being “grayed out” with a line through it. But the answer can easily be reactivated by clicking the “Reactivate” link.

We hope that these option help both teachers and students to improve their scores and reduce test-taking anxieties.