When using the site, you will see terms that may seem similar. Lets focus on the terms Small/Medium/Large/Full Test, Benchmark Test, and Practice.

Small/Medium/Large/Full Test: This refers to the entirety of the state-mandated curriculum for the subject. When a student takes a Small/Medium/Large/Full Test, he/she will see questions from our database from the whole subject. Additionally, the questions, while drawing from the same domains, will vary for each student.

Benchmark Test: This is an assignment that the teacher creates. Teachers can choose to create this based on the entire test, specific domains, or particular elements. This option allows teachers to have more control over which questions appear on the test, as well as add their own questions to the test. It also populates the test with the same questions for each student.

Practice: These are activities that the student can access from the test subject page and that teachers can assign to their students. “Practice” offers many more options than multiple choice. Also, students see their answers immediately after entering their choice in practice. All questions- multiple choice, vocabulary- vary from student to student.

Let us know if you have any additional questions about these types of assignments. You can also find more information about all of these topics in our “How-To Videos” found on your Home page.