Don’t forget about the Message System which is new to USATestprep in 2011. We sometimes use this to communicate important messages or information about the site.

But you can use it for your students, as well. Teachers can compose messages to students in their classes. You can use this to remind students of upcoming tests, schedule changes, or to offer words of encouragement. But remember: you MUST have classes set up in order to do this. To create a message, simply click on the “Create New Message” link. Then, give your message a Subject and type the message to your students.

If you leave the “Allow Students to Reply” button clicked, students will be able to respond to you and only you. Our system does not allow students to create their own messages to you or to other students: they may only reply to your messages, and only if you choose that option.

You then choose who will receive the message. Clicking on the box next to each class will allow you to send it to all students you have placed in your previously created classes.

But, if you want to send it to an individual student or a select few students, simply click “Uncheck All” then check the specifics students who will receive the message.

When you are finished, click the green “Send Message” button, and your work is done. Now, when the student logs on to USATestprep, they will see the message you sent.

Students can see the message and reply to it (as long as you chose that in the creation process). If a student does reply, you will then see it on your Home page. You can Remove it or any message with a red circle and “X” by simply clicking on the X. Sometimes USATestprep may send a message that we consider to be critical to your usage of the site: in that case, you may not be able to close Remove the message.

As with other parts of the site, you can always search for older messages you have sent or that you have received. Simply click on the Filter Messages link and begin your search.

We hope you have found or will find this new feature useful in keeping open the lines of communication between you and your students.