2020 Year-In-Review

Published: Dec. 7, 2020, 11:08 p.m.

While there are likely large portions of this year we’d all prefer to just erase from memory, as we started reflecting we were surprised--and grateful--for the number of positive outcomes that took place as well. We thought we'd end 2020 on a high note by sharing a few of these before, together, we move full-steam ahead into the new year.

School Relief Program (SRP)

Our School Relief Program was the direct result of COVID. With so many schools struggling to quickly transition to online learning, we made the early decision to offer free and unlimited access to our platform, to both current and non-subscribers. Thousands took advantage of our free resource and we were humbled and deeply touched by the outpouring of gratitude from teachers, administrators, and parents. Those we were able to serve in a time of need--and the performance of the USATestprep team who worked tirelessly during this period to service accounts--stands apart as one of the proudest moments of our year.

Progress Platform Updates

Before COVID hit, we announced the rebranding of USATestprep to the “Progress” platform, complete with a new logo design and the tagline, “Preparing Students for What’s Next.” With most teachers using us for year-round assessments, remediation, and progress monitoring, we selected a platform name that implies change, adaptability, and moving forward. For years we’ve been saying that we’re more than just test prep -- now we have the platform name to back it up. We also introduced a host of new features, including integration with Google Classrooms and Canvas, as well as a new Help Center.

Our First-Ever Virtual Back-to-School Conference

We held our first virtual Back-to-School Conference in September. More than 500 educators attended one or more of the 15 professional development webinars offered over a two-day period. The feedback we received was “More, please” so we’re planning a second virtual conference, February 9 and 10, with a “Data Dig” focus. (Stay tuned for details!)

ECE Grades K-2 Launched in 30+ States

Teachers have been asking us for years for grades K-2 resources, and this year we delivered with the rollout of K-2 standards-aligned resources in more than 30 states. Which leads to our next announcement . . .

Acquisition of Education Galaxy

Perhaps the most exciting news of the year is our acquiring/joining forces with Education Galaxy. Education Galaxy is a fun and rigorous way for younger learners to engage with the state standards, using standards-based activities combined with tools for teachers to measure student progress. The acquisition enhances USATestprep's library of state standards-aligned content and products to serve K-12 teachers and students in all 50 states. 2021 will see us working toward a singular implementation to improve offerings to our schools nationwide.

And finally...

What stands apart as our greatest joy of 2020, however, is the deepening of relationships we had with our subscribers. You shared your struggles with remote learning, budgets, burn-out, the double-whammy of COVID/Summer-slide and more. We are honored to have shared the journey with you and to be able to be a part of your solutions.

Let's make great progress in 2021!

Your USATestprep Team