34 Facebook Pages for Teachers to Follow

Published: May 10, 2016, 3:06 p.m.

We've compiled a list of our favorite Facebook pages with original ideas, inspiration, and resources for teachers. You'll notice that many of these wonderful pages are teacher-created.  The teaching world is full of content from national organizations, so we decided to be a voice for some of the grassroots inspiration on social media. Be sure to "Like" the pages you find useful as you explore and use these resources. Perhaps you will be inspired to share some of your own tried and true classroom tips.

  1. Teaching Channel - A page where teachers can watch, share, and learn diverse techniques to help their students grow.
  2. Free Tech for Teachers - Featuring the best free technology for teachers and students, curated by Richard Byrne.
  3. Teaching Resources - Ready-to-use classroom resources for 2nd-6th grade, from retired teacher Laura Candler.  Over 600,000 “Likes.”
  4. The Cornerstone for Teachers - Practical ideas to make teaching more effective, efficient, and enjoyable. Printables, classroom photos, tips, and more for teachers.
  5. Mathematics Teaching Resources - Resources for educators from educators. 35,000 links and growing.
  6. ELA Teaching Resources - Great resources and articles for ELA teachers. A sister page to the two pages below.
  7. Health & Physical Ed Teaching Resources - Articles, lessons plans, activities, quizzes and more for your classroom.
  8. ELL Teaching Resources - Articles, games, and inspiration for ESL teachers.
  9. Classroom Freebies - Free resources curated by Charity Preston.  Over 120,000 followers!
  10. Classroom Desk Arrangement - Giveaways and a wealth of seating chart ideas for your classroom. Lots of photos and descriptions, with new ones added frequently.
  11. Surviving a Teacher’s Salary - This page, with over 400,000 “Likes,” shares educational deals to help you stretch your budget or salary as much as possible.
  12. What the Teacher Wants - Tips and gift ideas for teachers.  Over 200,00 followers.
  13. The Teacher Wife - Creative resources for preschool and elementary teachers. 37,000+ currently follow this page.
  14. Anna Brantley’s Teaching Resources - Engaging and fun K-2 teaching ideas and resources from elementary school teacher Anna Brantley.
  15. Mrs Jump’s Class - This page provides creative, kid-friendly activities and lessons based on Common Core standards that inspire teachers and parents. Another page with over 30,000 “Likes.”
  16. Laura Love to Teach - A place to find resources and ideas for your elementary classroom.
  17. Schoolgirl Style - Fresh designs and stylish classroom decor for the modern teacher. Get inspiration for a classroom facelift.
  18. A Modern Teacher - Resources, articles, and simple solutions for grade school teachers.
  19. Kleinspiration - Question of the day, technology tools, and ideas for teachers.
  20. A Teacher’s Bag of Tricks -  Tons of free or nearly free resources for teachers to use in their classrooms. You'll find websites, PDFs, documents, PowerPoints and more.
  21. Rockin Teacher Materials - Materials from Hilary Lewis for classroom use. Most items are excellent for homeschoolers too.
  22. Gerry Brooks - Humor for teachers by a school principal. Sarcastic webcam videos and more.
  23. Hopkins Hoppin Blog - Strategies, activities, games, books, freebies, lesson ideas, products, and songs for pre-K to late elementary.
  24. 3rd Grade Thoughts - Post by Stephanie, a 3rd grade teacher in Colorado, who loves sharing & learning from other teachers around the country.
  25. My Teacher’s Lounge - A community of 15 educators sharing ideas for more positive and practical classrooms. Weekly tips and inspiration for teachers.
  26. Teachers.net on Facebook - Follow this page for free lesson plans, teacher chatboards, live workshops, and more.
  27. The Busy Educator - A page to help teachers and parents make a difference in the lives of their students and children by doing things that work.
  28. Turnstall’s Teaching Tidbits - Ongoing inspiration to help you teach with heart and creativity.
  29. Chalk One Up for the Teacher - A great place to share and collect teaching-related ideas. Giveaways too!
  30. Teach Junkie - A creative page featuring teacher ideas, activities, and free downloads.
  31. Seusstastic Classroom Inspirations - Resources and funny memes for elementary school teachers. Over 90,000 followers.
  32. Our Kids Special Needs - A page for parents to find and share information to provide the best care they can for their children with special needs.
  33. Just Reed - The page for exclusive freebies, teaching ideas, and more.
  34. I Appreciate Teachers - Memes and cartoons to encourage teachers. Over 143,000 people follow this page.