5 Things Every Parent/Guardian Needs to Know About USATestprep

Published: March 31, 2020, 2:55 p.m.

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Are you new to USATestprep?

With so many different online learning platforms, how can you help your child get the most out of each one? Don’t be overwhelmed, we’re here to help! On this page, you'll find the most common questions that parents/guardians have about USATestprep, along with tips to help your child log in, learn, and succeed.

1. What is USATestprep?

We are an online learning platform aligned to each state’s specific standards. That means the content a student is seeing in Alabama may differ from that seen in Texas, based on what each state tests on, by grade. Teachers can assign quizzes, videos, practice questions, tests, games, and other items, and track each student’s individual progress.

2. How do I get my child logged in?

Go to https://www.usatestprep.com/member-login and log in to the site using the school’s Account ID and your child’s username and password. If your child doesn’t have their name and password, they can contact their teacher for new access info.

If your child’s school has a Clever or Classlink account, or if your child has a Google account, you can visit the member page and log in through one of those accounts directly.

3. Is there a quick overview for everything that’s here?

Why, it just so happens there is! You can help your child get started (or get up-to-speed yourself!) with this Student Quick-Start Guide (printable PDF) or this parent letter and student tutorial video. The video covers how to:

  • customize an avatar
  • join a class
  • find assignments
  • find graded worked/test results
  • earn tokens to play games in the arcade

The video also shows your child how to increase their knowledge in weak areas by completing practice activities.

In addition, you’ll learn how to track and see progress on what your child has completed based on our dot rank system and how it correlates with the work your child’s teacher has had them complete.

4. What activities can my child do on their own?

Your child can complete various activities (practice questions, vocabulary sets, tests, performance tasks, and instructional videos) and you can monitor their progress by navigating to PRACTICE at the top of the page and choosing a subject area. USATestprep’s color-coded Dot Rank system will indicate strengths and areas for improvement by standard.


If your child’s school participates in our famous “Green Dot Challenge™,” you’ll want to read all about it! In the Green Dot Challenge, students complete assignments related to specific learning standards and aim to turn each dot from pink to yellow to green - green being a clear sign that they've mastered that standard. Here’s how one teacher successfully used the Green Dot Challenge in her classroom.

5. Can I see how my child is performing in USATestprep?

Parents/Guardians can opt-in to receive weekly progress reports from USATestprep based on their child’s activities in the platform. To sign up for this feature, please follow these steps:

  1. Have your child log in to USATestprep.
  2. In the top right corner, hover over your child’s name and select "My Account."
  3. Within the “Progress Report” section, enter your name and email address. NOTE: The "Send a copy to me" option is if you would like your child to receive the same report.
  4. Confirm your email address.

Progress report emails are sent late Saturday evenings and will come from donotreply@usatestprep.com.

You can visit Graded Work to review anything they had previously worked on, as well as figure out what standards they might need to do some additional practice.


You also have the option to click on “View” on the left for particular results. This will take you to see that particular assignment or test score and additional information.

The box on the left will show any standards where your child scored a 70% or below with a pink exclamation point. If you click on that icon it will show activities they can work on in that particular standard to help increase their knowledge.

Additional Practice

And a bonus round

How can my student access the game arcade?

The game arcade can be accessed in two different locations. The first location is on your child’s home page. Click “Game Arcade” in the blue box on the right. The second location is on any practice page. Look for the “Game Arcade” icon at the top of the page.

Arcade Game

What kind of games are there?

There are two different types of games in the arcade. The FREE games do not cost any tokens, but ask your child to answer questions throughout the game. Tokens for “paid” games are earned by completing assignments from a teacher or your child completing independent practice activities on their own. (Hint: the higher his/her score on assignments, the more tokens your child will earn!)

Arcade Game 1

How can my child see how many tokens they currently have?

Tokens are displayed under your child’s name in the top navigation bar.

Parents/Guardians with additional or specific questions regarding their child's use of USATestprep should contact their school or assigning teacher.