12 Classroom and Testing Accommodations in USATestprep

Published: Jan. 12, 2017, 3:33 p.m.

USATestprep offers a variety of built-in accommodations on our site.  These accommodations fall into two categories: Benchmark Accommodations and Assignments/Projector Based Resources.           Benchmark Accommodations
  • Duplicate Copy - When a benchmark is created, there is an option to make a duplicate copy. This is a great tool to use to meet the needs of diverse learners.  The duplicate copy allows you to go in and change the test settings.  She always knows the right answer
  • Spanish Option - Questions, answers, and passages can be translated into Spanish.  If you select this option, the test will not automatically be translated for every student.  Instead, there will be a link at the top of the benchmark labeled “Español,” and if a student clicks on this link, the test will be translated.
  • Reduce Answer Choices - This will reduce the number of answer choices from 4 to 3.  It will still show all four answer options, but one will already be eliminated.
  • Highlighter - We offer a highlighter tool that students can use to highlight key words and phrases.
  • Audio Available - We offer audio recordings of passages, questions, and answers.
  • Eliminate Answer - Students can hover over answer choices and choose to “Eliminate” the answer choice.  When this is done, a line will be placed through the answer.  If a student hovers over the answer choice again,  he or she can “Restore” that answer.
  • Printing Options - Our benchmarks can be printed in larger font sizes and with a variety of spacing options.
  • Question Filters - When creating a custom benchmark, teachers can filter questions based on Low or High DOK or difficulty level. Assignments/Projector Based Resources
  • Multiple Attempts - When creating an assignment, teachers can allow students to have multiple attempts to improve their score.
  • Minimum Score - Teachers can set a minimum mastery score on assignments.
  • Difficulty Level - Our practice question difficulty levels can be adjusted to three options: Random, Beginner, or Advanced.
  • Font Size - The font size for our projector based resources can be adjusted to be larger for students who may need this accommodation. For more information on accommodations, please refer to this webinar recording.  To use these tools in your classroom, login to your USATestprep.com account.