ACT WorkKeys: An Overview

Published: June 4, 2018, 1:04 p.m.

student working in classroomThere are many paths students may take as they leave high school. One option is to take the ACT WorkKeys tests and earn a National Career Readiness Certificate. The WorkKeys CRC can be a stepping stone towards enriching careers for new graduates. The certificate is earned by successful completion of the three ACT WorkKeys assessments: Applied Math, Graphic Literacy, and Workplace Documents. Students can also choose to take the Applied Technology, Business Writing, Workplace Observation, Fit, and Talent exams offered under the ACT WorkKeys umbrella. These tests allow students to demonstrate real-life skills and prove their ability to enter the workforce. While the WorkKeys is a gauge for practical skills, it's important that students take preparation seriously.   Prepare Properly If your high schooler is planning to take any of the ACT WorkKeys exams, make sure they are prepared. The worst mistake many students make is being unsure of a test's mechanics and underestimating the complexity of the subject.   Practice Tests One of the best ways to understand the ACT WorkKeys exams is to take practice tests. These practice tests not only help your teen understand the way the test is structured, but they also help increase students’ confidence. Students who undertake practice tests are much better prepared for the real tests. Utilize Online Study Materials The other mistake many teens make is to assume they are ready for these skill tests without proper test prep. While many of the skills being tested are considered common knowledge, some are more complex. Additionally, being well-prepared is the best way to ensure success. Many parents find that online test prep websites which use the WorkKeys curriculum are valuable assets. Students are led through a set of problems and activities specialized for the ACT WorkKeys tests. Instead of aimless studying, teens are led through a step-by-step guide towards success on their chosen exams. Entering the Workforce with ACT WorkKeys Your student’s WorkKeys assessments can help direct them towards specific careers. The job profiles can help students understand their scores and their potential career aptitude. This important function of the exams is essential to helping students plan for their futures. Once your teens are ready to start applying for jobs, the ACT WorkKeys can bolster their resumes. High test performance allows teens to show off their skills and abilities to potential employers. Since new graduates may not have past employment to show, the WorkKeys assessments can be vital to demonstrate their potential. Regardless of whether your teen is planning on taking the SAT, enrolling in a university, or entering the workforce after high school, the ACT WorkKeys can prove a valuable investment. Teenagers are given a solid foundation by which to understand the business world. Subsequently, these building blocks can be used to differentiate your graduate from other job applicants. In a world where new graduates must compete for a finite number of jobs, breaking apart from the pack is essential. Your teen can use the ACT WorkKeys assessments to diversify their skills and prove themselves more capable of transitioning to life after high school.