Use Standards to Assess Learning Gaps

Published: June 15, 2020, 6:30 p.m.

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Standardized Testing Post-COVID

The end of this school year saw EOC and EOG testing canceled across the nation. While the immediate future of standardized testing may be unknown, the use of standards in the classroom to assess learning will be more important than ever.

The reason? Teaching to standards (versus “teaching to the test”) allows administrators to measure student learning progress whenever needed against a set of shared expectations.

Measuring student strengths and weaknesses needs to be a simple process that is uniform and unbiased. Assessing learning gaps by standard throughout the school year allows teachers, parents, and administrators the answer to the question, “How are my kids doing?”

We are committed to offering teachers a wide range of standards-aligned resources to supplement instruction both in-person and digitally, with Day One Diagnostics providing the first glimpse into where the learning gaps are.

Day One Diagnostics

Academic regression planning is a pressing topic for the new school year, with the gap between high-achieving and low-achieving students growing due to COVID slide. Our Day One Diagnostics offer your teachers (and schools) the tools they need to quickly assess learning gaps by both grade level and state standards.

Learn more about Day One Diagnostics to assist with the goal of quickly guaging each student's starting point

We're kicking off our summer professional development for teachers with a deep dive into using our Day One Diagnostics. Your teachers can register for free, here.

For non-subscribers looking into how USATestprep can immediately help diagnose “COVID slide” and ensure equitable learning access for all students, schedule a quick 20-minute personal walkthrough HERE.

Learn more about USATestprep, how it is affordable, and how to optimize the platform for digital and distance learning. You can also call our support team for assistance at 877-377-8537.

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